Tell me something quirky about yourself?

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Tell me something quirky about yourself?

Post by HatFetish on Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:38 am

Please give me a funny story, or tell me something strange about yourself.
I got the idea this morning, when a friend told me she's scared of the ''fluffy'' white part in the middle of bread.

If someone folds bread over, she has to run away and cover her eyes.
Apparently she's done it ever since she was a kid Laugh

All users welcome to answer,
the weirder/funnier the better!

FYI, My ''quirky'' thing is that I can make my eyeballs shake. Really fast.
It's cool to watch, it's a shame I can't show you...

In fact, if anyone's interested reply to let me know and I'll upload a video of it. Big Grin


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