Suggestions Thread Rules

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Suggestions Thread Rules

Post by Benguy1 on Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:51 pm

If you wish to create a new thread in the suggestions section please follow the simple rules:

1. No racism, no sexism, no trolling, no flaming, no being a general idiot, no doing something offensive to others
2. This is a suggestions forum for suggestions for xeronar do not make stupid threads like 'I suggest everyone that plays xeronar kills themself'
3. Please do not go off topic on threads on this section; if you wanna do that i suggest you use general discussion
4. If you wish to make a suggestion please try and explain with as much detail as possible what you mean because we are not mind readers
5. If a thread was last posted on more than 1 year ago, your comment will be deleted because we don't like 10 year old thread bumps


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