Forum for anybody who needs flash help...

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Forum for anybody who needs flash help...

Post by Grimm 88 - Creator on Wed Aug 27, 2008 8:41 am

Ok, now in here you can ask me anything about flash or how to fix some problem you are having and i will do my best to try and answer, and maybe even some other members with adequate knowledge can answer you aswell...

Just start a new thread and explain your problem or question in as much detail as possible and i will get back to you shortly with an answer

Also, in the title please incluse which version of flash you are using, for example: [MX2004] or [CS3] and also somewhere in the post state which version of actionscript you are using as they are non-compatible (currently I can only really help with AS 2.0)

You may also post tutorials, but be sure that the name starts with 'Flash Tutorial:' so that everybody knows what it is... for a full giude on posting tutorials, go HERE


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